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SAP Conversion Process Next Steps

The conversion to SAP is now complete. Please see below for an outline of the changes, potential impacts to your business, and steps you can take.

Part Numbers & Pricing Refresh

  • All HGC part numbers and pricing will be available for download on 10/1

  • In most cases, the prefix “HGC” will be added to the beginning of our standard 6-digit part numbers

    • Part numbers will usually increase from 6 to 9 digits

    • This example applies to the vast majority of parts:  Current part 906056 becomes HGC906056

    • However, we highly recommend downloading our part data file to ensure your records are 100% accurate

    • A cross-reference will be available in our part data file to help match new part numbers with old part numbers 

    • Old IDs will still work for most functions on the website

    • We encourage you to update your part numbers and pricing to ensure they are in sync.

      • If your system contains only each prices, pricing and part ID updates can be completed using just one file, our part data file

      • To ensure you store bracket pricing is accurate, you will also need the pricing data file

    • Any question overall in this transition, please reach out to your local Hawthorne sales rep

Open Orders

  • Any open orders (orders with no portions that have shipped), e.g. special orders or vendor drop shipments, have now been imported to SAP 

    • Please review your open orders to confirm they are correct 

    • Contact us if something is missing so we can help 


We are now working through the backlog of orders and RMAs placed during our conversion process. 

We appreciate your patience while we process your orders, and thank you for your business.

Contact Us

We’re dedicated to making this transition as smooth and efficient for you as possible. Please reach out with any questions you may have: 

  • Customer service is available via live chat from 8-5 p.m. Monday-Friday

  • Sales rep contact information can be found via the My Account page